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KTA 7.x - How do I find and unlock a folder or document?


Question / Problem: 

Even after unlocking taken activities from the Work Queue in KTA, we can see the job is still locked.   How do I find and unlock a folder or document?

Answer / Solution: 

  1. In Workspace, go to Jobs->Find
  2. If the Job ID is known, search for Job ID, or find the problem Job from the list.  
  3. Click on the job to view the Job Properties
  4. Select Variables and get the value of the Folder ID
  5. Open the Repository Browser and search for the Folder ID
  6. Examine the Lock Information (Locked, LockedAt, LockedBy) for the folder and every document object contained within.

The CaptureDocumentService.ForceUnlockItem() method can be used to unlock a folder or document.  Create a simple process that will execute ForceUnlockItem() on the IDs found above.  Make sure that the user account you are using to run the process has the "Delete Folder" privilege. (check System Settings - Capture {Access Permissions}) in TotalAgility Designer.


Applies to:  

Product Version Category
TotalAgility 7.x  


Author:  Steve Tanaka