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KTA - Error converting KC Project - A class with the name XYZ already exists




When trying to convert a Kofax Capture Project using the KC/KTM Converter utility, the following error is shown:

Conversion failed with error(s): Unable to create project from cab file, with following error:
System.ArgumentException: A class with the name "XYZ" already exists.
    at Kofax.Cascade.Project.CscProjectClass.AddClass(String ClassName, String ParentClassName)
Kofax.TotalAgility.KCKTMConverter.Core.TransConf.ProjectImportPreparation.CreateKtmProjectFromCab(IBatchClass selectedBatchClass)

How can this issue be solved?


The KC/KTM converter works as:

  • The converter tries to convert all the Document class (KC) to Document type (KTA)
  • Also it tries to convert Form type (KC) to a Sub Document type (KTA) of the corresponding Document class
  • The current KC batch class contains several Document Classes and Form types with the same name (see attached screenshot)
  • In KTA, the Document type is not allowed with the same name into the same Extraction Group. This is the reason of the error.

To resolve the error you need to verify that all document classes and form types names are unique in a batch class in Kofax Capture

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