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KTA - Job not processing. Awaiting Events




My Job contains a Scan Create new Job form and a Device Create New Job form.
I have added the pre-condition [SCANNED]>0 within the first activity.
When creating a Job via the MFP it gets processed successfully.
But when creating a Job via the Scan Create New Job form, the Job stuck at first activity in "Awaiting events" state.

How can this be solved?


This behavior occurs when the SCANNED Event is not fired via the Scan Create New Job form. In order to solve this it is needed to create a RaiseEvent .Net action from TotalAgility.SDL.Jobservice.
Add "SCANNED" in the eventname and "SCNJ" in the eventsource configuration.

After this map the action to the CaptureControl in OnCreateNewJob event. Re-release the form and the issue is solved.

Keywords: ScanCreateNewJob, DeviceCreateNewJob, SCANNED, MFP