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KTA displays desktop form but Tablet form expected on IOS


Question / Problem: 

When attempting to open KTA activity forms on a iOS tablet, it may be observed that the desktop version of the form is loaded instead of the expected tablet version of the form. What may be causing this?

Answer / Solution: 

Apple added the option, in Safari, to view a Desktop version of webpages from mobile devices.  In the newer versions of iOS (13+) you may find that the default setting for displaying web pages is set for Desktop, instead of the expected tablet device. 

Web browsers will provide device type data by means of the User-Agent. KTA will use the User-Agent to determine the type of device the user loads the form from. The device type can be "Tablet", "Desktop" or "Phone".  For Apple devices it is expected for the User-Agent string to contain the text "iPad" or "Mobile". If neither of these is present in the User-Agent string the desktop version of the KTA form is loaded, if this is what is configured for the form.

To ensure that Safari does not identify itself as a desktop browser when in fact it is running on a table, you will need to change this setting for Safari.

To change this, on the tablet navigate: Settings -> Safari -> Request Desktop Website -> All websites (Set this option to disabled)

The above setting changes the User-agent string to the correct one for identifying the device as an "iPad" or "Tablet". 

The tablet version of the KTA form should load as expected on the tablet following this change relating to the browser Safari browser.

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