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KTA installation fails or it is incomplete


Question / Problem: 

Running the KTA installer finishes with errors and KTA is not functional. Removing and repeating the attempt fails the same way. Repair fails too.

Answer / Solution: 

Please make sure you do the following:

 - Use 7-zip to expand the main ZIP archive or make sure the file is not blocked (right-click, properties, unblock)
 - You expand in a short path, for example C:\7.6
 - You have credentials with full access to the SQL Server where the KTA Databases will be installed
 - You ran the Prerequisites utility and that the machine passed
 - You run the installer as an administrator
 - You can remove and do a fresh install or you can try to do a repair when all of the above are done.

Applies to:  

Product Version
KTA 7.x