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Kofax TotalAgility - Folder xxxxx is not special OL folder


An extraction/classification node suspends with the error message Folder xxxxx is not special OL folder


This is caused when the Online Learning folder associated with a capture project has been deleted.


  • Run the below query against the TotalAgility Database.  Copy the results into an excel spread sheet

select distinct, 
        LEFT(convert(nvarchar(32), colm.online_learning_folder_id, 2), 8) + '-' + 
        RIGHT(LEFT(convert(nvarchar(32), colm.online_learning_folder_id, 2), 12), 4) + '-' +
        RIGHT(LEFT(convert(nvarchar(32), colm.online_learning_folder_id, 2), 16), 4) + '-' +
        RIGHT(LEFT(convert(nvarchar(32), colm.online_learning_folder_id, 2), 20), 4) + '-' +
        RIGHT(convert(nvarchar(32), colm.online_learning_folder_id, 2), 12)) as OnlineLearningFolder,
    when co.object_type = 0 then 'Shared'
    when co.object_type = 1 then 'Classification Group'
    when co.object_type = 2 then 'Extraction Group'
end as ProjectType
from capture_online_learning_mapping colm with(nolock)
    join capture_object co with(nolock) on colm.capture_object_id =
where colm.online_learning_folder_id is not null

  • Identify the capture project associated with the activity that is suspending.  Copy the OnlineLearningFolder associated with the project.  Paste it into the below query and run against the TotalAgility_Documents.  Get a screen shot of the results from this query

select * from Folder where id = ''

  • Please then raise a case with Kofax Technical Support proving the information requested for the 2 queries below.  When raising a case confirm if you have any processes/forms that deletes documents and/or folders.