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Kofax TotalAgility - OPMT - Tenant remains in upgrading status

Applies to:

Kofax TotalAgility OPMT

Summary of Issue

On an existing OPMT environment, we applied a fix pack or upgraded to a higher version,
We disabled our tenants via Tenant Management System (TMS)

When we then attempted to upgrade our Tenants via TMS, we find that either the Production or Dev status remains as 'upgrading'
The other status has updated to 'Active'
We confirmed that the Core Worker Service was running

We are unable to edit the tenant as the hyperlink on the tenants name has been removed


If we have both 'Live' and 'Dev' options enabled for our tenant, it is assumed that we have both a Live installation and a separate Dev installation
The tenant remains in the upgrading status (for one of either Production or Dev) as it is waiting for the [other] environment to be upgraded also

Resolving the Issue

If possible, revert the environment to prior to disabling the tenant(s)

Do not disable the tenants before applying the fix pack/upgrading
Apply the fix pack/upgrade the environment
In TMS, upgrade the tenants (there is no need to disable them first)

If it is not possible to revert the environment, and you do not have a separate [Live] or [Dev] installation,
Please raise a support case

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