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Kofax TotalAgility - OPMT - Tenant status updated to inactive

Applies to

Kofax TotalAgility OPMT

Summary of Issue

The Tenant status is being marked as inactive automatically

Cause of Issue

In more recent versions of KTA OPMT,
When running System Tasks, after a number of retries, if the Tenant DB cannot be reached, the tenant is automatically deactivated.
The number if retries is based on the database retry count in the configuration, this is applicable when trying to access the system tables on the database server on which the tenant DBs reside.

This is specific to either accessing the tenant information on TMS or running a job evaluation worker task (all jobs cause this to occur) for the tenant.
The system will check the system tables on the DB server on which the tenant DB resides and determine if it is active, if not, then the tenant is made inactive.
This is done to improve performance when there is are inactive DB, which essentially means that the tenant is down.
The tenant will also be made inactive if KTA is unable to access the system tables at all (which retries based on configuration).

Therefore, if the Tenant is being marked inactive in TMS and the TMS administrator does not know why, or has not done this manually,
There may be an issue with the tenant's database/database server

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