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Kofax TotalAgility - Unable to install Export Connector

Applies to

Kofax TotalAgility v7.x

Summary of Issue

Unable to install Export Connector on a KTA system after changing protocol using the Config Utility. For example HTTP to HTTPS
The export connector installation fails with a message '<<Export Connector Name>> Setup Wizard Ended Prematurely because of an error.  Your system has not been modified..'


This is caused by a bug in the Config Utility which does not update the RegAscSc.exe.config file.


If changing from HTTP to HTTPS, the following steps would be relevant.  If HTTPS to HTTP, use HTTP in the URL and httpTransport authenticationScheme="Negotiate".

  1. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Kofax\TotalAgility\ExportConnectors\bin
  2. Open the file RegAscSc.exe.config
  3. Search for "CoreServicesLocation"
  4. Modify the URL to use HTTPS and update the port to the correct SSL port
  5. Search for binding name="CustomBinding_CoreService"
    If the transport is currently set to:     <httpTransport authenticationScheme="Negotiate"
  6. Change it to:                                    <httpsTransport authenticationScheme="Anonymous":
  7. Verify the RegAscSc.Exe.Config System DefaultSessionId matches the System SessionId from the KTA Designer (System Settings Module -> System Settings)
  8. Save the config file
  9. Re-run the installer