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Kofax TotalAgility Repository Browser - How to use the Repository Browser

The Repository Browser is available in the media pack for all major releases of Kofax TotalAgility.  The Data Repository Browser can be beneficial when troubleshooting issues specific to certain document samples or document types.

How to install and use the Data Repository Browser

  1. Install the Repository Browser located within the install media TotalAgility\RepositoryBrowser folder.
  2. Once installed, use the Help File installed under Install Directory:\Program Files (x86)\Kofax\TotalAgility Repository Browser\ to configure the RB accordingly.
  3. Open the Repository Browser
  4. To obtain the DocId of the document/folder that reported the error during automatic processing;
    1. Log onto the TotalAgility Workspace
    2. Go to the “Find Jobs” form
    3. Search the job which has suspending with the reported error and open the Job Properties
    4. Go to the “Variables” tab
    5. Obtain the DocId of the document/folder variable value
  5. In the Repository Browser, perform a search (Ctrl + F), and enter the DocId obtained in Step 4 above.
  6. Right click any document pages returned and select “Save source file as”
  7. Save the document page


When to use this feature?

The Kofax TotalAgility - Repository Browser enables you to view the extraction results for a set of folders and documents.  It can also be beneficial in troubleshooting reported errors relating to specific document types.