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Kofax TotalAgility - Designer - Forms Server occurred: The specified site does not exist



Applies To

Kofax Total Agility 7.x

Behavior / Question

When trying to preview any forms the following error is thrown:

"Forms Server occurred: The specified site does not exist"

During tests it was found that the custom site is working, but not without the site:

http://<servername>/TotalAgility/Forms/TEST.form <-- not working
http://<servername>/TotalAgility/Forms/SITE/TEST.form <-- working

How can this issue be solved?

Known Causes / Background

This issue has been seen when the TotalAgilityWorkspace site is missing.

Resolution / Answer

Check if the TotalAgilityWorkspace site within the KTA forms designer exists: (go to KTA designer > Form Designer. On the left panel (Explorer) click on the "Sites" and make sure "TotalAgilityWorkspace" is there)

If it is missing, copy this site from another working KTA system and Import this site and check if the preview is working again.

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