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Kofax TotalAgiliy - Failed to open the explicitly specified database TotalAgility Main tenantname

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Applies to:

Kofax TotalAgility OPMT v7.6 and above
Windows Authentication enabled for the database connections

Summary of Issue

In KTA OPMT v7.6 and above, we now have the option to use Windows Authentication in the Database connection strings
With this enabled, the customer finds that they get an error similar to this:

Failed to open the explicitly specified database 'TotalAgility_Main_<tenantname>'


This issue is caused by the IsDatabaseWindowsAuthentication flag in the config files being incorrectly set to false


Check the source of the error in the Application Event log - this will normally be CoreWorker/Streaming/Transformation Server etc
Open the relevant config file (depending on what has thrown the error)
Search for the IsDatabaseWindowsAuthentication flag and update it to true
Restart the relevant Windows Service