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MC Message reception time variable not converted to local time in KTA

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In a scenario, where you are mapping the Message reception time created variable to a Capture Text field, the timestamp is not converted to local time.  For reference, KTA will localize the time for other values.

In the example below, you will see that the Message Connector Processed time shows 10:24 EST but when viewing this mapped variable in the corresponding job in Validation, it will show as 03:22p UTC time.  




This is expected behavior.  As the mapped variable within KTA is a capture field.  The time shown in the Validation example is coming from the KTA server time which in this example was UTC.



There are two potential solutions:

1.  Instead mapping the Message Connector's Message reception time created to a capture field, map this variable to a process variable instead.  This way localization will occur.

2.  Attached is a sample script which can be used in a KTA .NET node.  This script used the TimeZoneInfo.ConvertTimeFromUtc method to convert the time stamp.  As this is a customization, technical support would not provide additional guidance or support this script.  If additional assistance is required for this solution, please engage with your developer(s) or you may contact our Professional services group.


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