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Message Connector Time Created Time Posted metadata returning in UTC time

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When mapping either Message Connector's metadata fields Time created or Time posted within a KTA variable, it is being returned in UTC format.



Update import source configuration window

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Metadata variable Time created mapped to a KTA process variable Image Scan Date.  This will show a time difference from the system time.

KTA scan date time.png



This is working by design.  By default, the Date/Time metadata fields always return values in the UTC format. 



To get metadata field values in local system format, refer to the Kofax TotalAgility Administrator's Guide.  The following snippet of instructions is taken from KTA 7.10 Administrator's Guide (Pg. 43)

Date/Time format

By default, the Date/Time metadata fields always return values in the UTC format. You can configure Date/Time metadata fields to return values in local system format. Do the following for each Core Worker:

  1. Open the following file in a text editor C:\Program Files\Kofax\TotalAgility\CoreWorkerService\Agility.Server.Core.WorkerService.exe.config
  2. Search for the IsUtcTime parameter and set its value to false as shown below:
  3. If you already set the value of IsUtcTime to false and want to view the date/time values in the UTC format, set its value to true.
  4. Save and close the file.
  5. Restart the Core Worker service.


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