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Message Connector showing Test mode for all licenses

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In the Message Connector Monitor, the following is presented in the Licensed Features section:



Please check the scenarios below which could account for this behaviour:

1 . Third-party Antivirus or other Security applications may prevent the Message Connector from seeing that a license is present.  Adding an exclusion/exception for the Message Connector in the Antivirus or Security software should prevent them from blocking Message Connector's ability to see the license.

2 . In certain cases, this issue may be caused by an invalid SSL Certificate on the IIS server.  To rule SSL / Certificate issues, create a new non-SSL Import Connector and check the Licensed Features section again.

If the non-SSL Import Connector test works, then work with your IIS Administrator to rectify the SSL Certificate issue.  Be sure to restart the Message Connector service after any changes.

3 . This behavior can occur if there are no configured Import Sources.  This is typical on new installations.  Please be sure that at least one Import Source if configured and active. 

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Article # 3042311