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KTA OPMT - Database Tenant down with message "Invalid object name 'SERVER DATA'"

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Question / Problem: 

An OPMT (OnPremise Multi-Tenant) TotalAgility (KTA) installation is reporting that 1 particular Tenant is unable to connect to the database and reporting the following error.

"Invalid object name 'SERVER_DATA'"


Answer / Solution: 

The issue could be related to a schema configuration issue within the database configuration.

If the database for the Tenant has been recently restored, it's possible that the schema for the database login is not correct. Follow these steps to correct the configuration. 

  • Open the database in Microsoft Management Studio.
  • Expand the Logins under Security to view the logins for the Tenant.
  • For each login, right-click the login and select Properties from the pop-up menu.
  • See the attached screenshot for reference.
  • Select User Mapping in the Properties.
  • In the "Users mapped to this login:" section verify that the database has the correct schema configured, such as 'live' instead of 'dbo.'
  • See the attached screenshot for reference.



Applies to:  

Product Version

TotalAgility OnPremise




Article # 3038347
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