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Parascript/A2iA Feature Compatibility

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Do the Parascript and A2iA engines have the same functionality?



With the A2iA Engine End of Life and the transition to Parascript in KTA 7.10 and KTM 7.0, there are some differences in availability of features for Check and Handwriting processing. 

The attached Excel spreadsheet compares features between Parascript and A2iA.  Green cells indicate functionality in Parascript, and Xs indicate functionality in A2iA.  Therefore a green cell with an X is a feature in both engines, a green cell with no X is a feature only in Parascript, and a non-green cell with an X is a feature only in A2iA.

Regarding supported languages and countries: Parascript supports languages, while A2IA defines support on level of countries. Thus, Parascript supports A2IA countries only if the specific language is used.  So for example, Parascript supports English but does not support Hindi, so Indian documents are supported only if they are in English, not in Hindi.

A2iA vs Parascript.xlsx

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