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Patch Code Document Separation not working


Question / Problem: 

When attempting to perform Document Separation using any Patch Code within a Scan form, the Patch code sheets are not being detected thus no separation occurs.

This issue does not affect any Barcode detection / separation methods.

Answer / Solution: 

Fix Installer 

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An update to the Web Capture Service will resolve this error:

Please ensure the zip and extracted files are not not blocked after download. To verify, once downloaded and/or unzipped, check the files' properties for a checked "Unblock" box.  If the box is checked, uncheck it and click Apply.

Unblock file attribute.png


Then follow the instructions to install the fix on each web server:

  • Stop IIS
  • Replace the following files in '\TotalAgility\Agility.Server.Web\Forms\Controls\Capture\external\webcapture' folder:
    • atalaWebCapture.js
    • Kofax.WebCapture.Installer.msi
  • Start IIS
  • Clear browser cache for the clients which were already working with Kofax TotalAgility Scan form
  • Then when a user visits a scan form, they will get the normal prompt to install the updated Web Capture Service.


The MSI can also be used via any normal MSI deployment methods to push the update.


Manual File Fix 

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While the MSI is generally a more convenient method of deploying the fix, a single file fix is available if needed.  Please use the information below to locate and apply the correct KfxEVRSw.dll fix.  The included readme files mention specific fix packs, however these are applicable to any fix pack versions.

A fix is available to resolve the above error.  Please use the information below to locate and apply the correct KfxEVRSw.dll fix.

  1. Review your existing Kofax Web Capture Service version, by browsing to Programs and Features located in Windows' Control Panel.
    Control Panel's Kofax Web Capture Service entry.png   
  2. Verify your KfxEVRSw.dll version within the C:\ProgramData\Kofax\WebCapture\ folder of the workstation.
  3.  Using the TotalAgility, Kofax Web Capture Service and KfxEVRSw.dll version information, select the appropriate Fix to download*.
  • TotalAgility 7.6, 7.7 or 7.8 (Web Capture Service version 11.1 or above with KfxEVRSw.dll version 3.4.x) 
  • TotalAgility 7.5 (Web Capture Service version 11.0 with KfxEVRSw.dll version 3.3.x)
  • TotalAgility 7.3 or 7.4 (Web Capture Service version 2.0.x with KfxEVRSw.dll version 3.1.x)
  • Fix Exceptions
    • If your KfxEVRSw.dll is older than the above, and you require a fix, please create a Support Case with Kofax Technical Support.

*Please ensure the zip and dll files are not blocked after download and extraction. To verify, once downloaded and/or unzipped, check the files' Properties for a checked "Unblock" box.  If the box is checked, uncheck it and click Apply.
Unblock file attribute.png

Installation Instructions (Also found in the ReadMe included in the downloaded zip file.)
To install your Fix, use this procedure:

1. On each scan station, stop the Kofax Web Capture Service by finding it in the system tray and selecting Quit from the right-click menu.

2. Make a backup copy of C:\ProgramData\Kofax\WebCapture\KfxEVRSw.dll.

3. Copy (and replace) the appropriate version of KfxEVRSw.dll for your TotalAgility version to C:\ProgramData\Kofax\WebCapture\KfxEVRSw.dll.
4. Start the Kofax Web Capture Service from the Start menu.

Frequently Asked Questions 

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The ReadMe files state specific Service and Fix Pack versions for each of the above Fixes.  Are the Fixes only for those TotalAgility releases' Service and Fix Pack versions?

No: Although the ReadMe files state specific Service Pack and Fix Pack versions, each of the above TotalAgility Fixes is applicable to any release of that TotalAgility version, regardless of the Service Pack and/or Fix Pack installed on the system.


Is this fix included in any fix packs?

This fix will be included when the following fix packs are released by the end of January:

  • KTA
  • KTA
  • KTA
  • KTA
  • KTA
  • KTA

With those versions or higher, the included Web Capture Service update will not have this problem, and thus no longer require the separate fix in this article.


What functionality does this issue affect?

This issue affects scan profiles that have Image Enhancement or Patch Code Separation enabled.  Using Image Enhancement produces the “VRS license is missing or invalid” error, while Patch Code Separation will simple fail to detect and separate on patch codes.


How can I confirm if a Scan form uses Image Enhancement or Patch Code Separation?

To open the Scan Settings window from a scan form, click the Scan Settings button at the top left (ScanSettingsButton.png) or press CTRL, SHIFT + E.  

On the Scanner Settings tab there is a checkmark showing whether Image Enhancement is enabled:


Note: "Image Enhancement Settings" is not available when scanning using the option "Scan from Device Vendor Dialog" thus the error cannot occur with that configuration.

On the Document Separation tab there is a checkmark showing whether Patch Code Separation is enabled:



Does this need to be applied to all workstations?

As mentioned above, the error only occurs when specific features are used.  If a particular workstation is only used in ways that do not use these features, then they will not see the error.  While it is preferable to update all systems for consistency, there is no harm in installing the fix on only workstations that need to use these features.

Is there a workaround without applying the fix?

Yes, to circumvent, deselect the "Image Enhancement Settings" in the Scan form setting at runtime and perform Image Processing only at process level.  Also, if you want to remove the "Image Enhancement Settings" option for end users, it is possible by creating a Scan/VRS profile specifically for your Scan forms, then deselecting the "Image Enhancement Settings" in the Scan/VRS profile, so it is not available at runtime.

Note: Typically, it is not required to perform eVRS (Image Enhancement/processing) twice on the same image.


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