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Reporting issues resolved in KTA 7.8 Fix Packs


Question / Problem: 

What issues related to reporting have been resolved in KTA 7.8 Fix Packs?

Answer / Solution: 

The following reporting issues are included in the release notes of the listed fix pack (unless noted with *).  If encountering an issue with reporting, it is best to update to the latest fix pack so that all cumulative fixes are applied.

    • 1525502 Case 26172354: Reclassification affects field reporting data    
      • Scenario 1: If a document is reclassified after extraction, such as in Validation, reporting data for fields of the previous type will persist and be associated with a document type that does not have those fields. This causes KAFTA reports to show fields that do not belong to the given document type.
      • Scenario 2: If a document is reclassified from a type where a field has “Include in analytics” is yes to a type where the same field has “Include in analytics” is no, then the reporting data for the field will persist. In KAFTA this causes this field inappropriately show up on a type where it isn't intended to be reported on. It also has the appearance of sporadic behavior, because it will only happen when the document is reclassified from a type where the field is reported on.
    • 1530848 Case 26172354: [Reporting] extr_batch_sess_key reported after confirmation field    
    • 1545048 Case 26176670: Duplicate entry in Reporting tfs_class_dim table causes Reporting ETL failure “The MERGE statement attempted to UPDATE or DELETE the same row more than once    
    • *Bug 1496179:[] extr_batch_ses_key isn't reported in field_accum_fact table
    • 1500874 Case 26157068: Reporting data: Original value and confidence not set



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