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Reporting issues resolved in KTA 7.9 Fix Packs

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Question / Problem: 

What issues related to reporting have been resolved in KTA 7.9 Fix Packs?

Answer / Solution: 

The following reporting issues are included in the release notes of the listed fix pack (unless noted with *).  If encountering an issue with reporting, it is best to update to the latest fix pack so that all cumulative fixes are applied.

    • 1663647 Case 26318190,26336932 : Bug Incorrect criteria for removal of reporting document data deletes less than expected
    • 1642420 Case 26305941: doc_dim.dt_create_datetime has date 1753-01-01 when running Reporting Retention for new documents
    • 1634998 Case 26333039: Reporting field statistics not being updated after second extraction node is executed    
    • 1601821 Case 26201540: activity_instance_id and ta_job_id =000(0) for Import record using Kofax Import Connector with Integration Server + On-Premise Multi-Tenancy    


Applies to:  

Product Version
KTA 7.9


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