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Repository object was concurrently changed error when completing Validation

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When attempting to complete a Validation activity the following error is encountered:

forceunlock error.jpg

The following error occurred while attempting to complete the activity:  Cannot process online learning folder(s):

xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx: Repository object was concurrently changed.  Usually means that someone unlocked the object using IRepository.ForceUnlock*** methods.

If you need technical assistance, reference action:




One cause can be if multiple threads are trying to access the same temp Online Learning (OL) folder at the same time (within milliseconds).  This occurs when multiple users are completing validation activities (that have been marked for OL) in parallel.



This is a known issue submitted under Bug ID: 1810182.

The fix is included in the following versions:

  • KTA 7.9 Fix Pack 13 and higher.
  • KTA and higher.


For other KTA versions, feel free to inquire with Technical Support to determine if and where this fix is included 


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Applies to  

Product Version Build Environment Hardware
KTA 7.10      
KTA 7.9      


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Article # 3047659
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