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Reset an Online Learning Folder

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The phrase “reset Online Learning folder” this might refer to two different concepts:

  • In the context of a technical problem being worked with Technical Support, this might refer to creating an entirely new folder in the database. 
  • In context of normal project development, this may simply mean to “forget” existing learning data, such as when you want to be able to repeatably give a demo showing improvement from Online Learning functionality.



Create a New Online Learning Folder to Resolve a Technical Problem

In context of certain technical problems, the best way forward is to unmap an existing Online Learning folder and allow a new one to be createdThis will be done only at the direction of Technical Support within the context of a support case where query results from the following article have been provided: Online learning folders in the database.

When this happens, the old Online Learning folder will be handled in accordance with the document retention settings configured in the system.  Doing this does not lose any of the learning that has already been imported into the project by the routine process of Downloading and maintaining new samples.  It does remove any of the intermediate learning associated with pending new samples.  Thus if there are no errors preventing it, you may wish to download any pending new samples before the folder is reset.


Forget Learned Information in a Project

Please note that each of these steps are all genuinely required.  It is not sufficient to only open the new samples option and click “Delete from server.”

  1. Open Transformation Designer
  2. Go to the New Samples document set and download new samples, select "delete from server".
  3. Import all new samples to your training set
  4. Go to your training set and delete all samples, or exclude them all
  5. Retrain the project. This retrains it with no samples, as you excluded them all.
  6. Release the Extraction Group project
  7. Re-release the classification group (when not "shared"). This causes the untrained project to be used in the next job you create.


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