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Specified form XXXX was not found or has not been released error during Form load or Export

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When loading or exporting a Form, the following error is encountered:

Specified form XXXX_Validation was not found or has not been released



This can be caused when a Capture Folder Validation form that was associated to the Validation form was deleted.  The Validation form appears to still have a link to the deleted Capture Folder Validation form.



To workaround this issue:

  1. Generate a Folder Validation form for this folder in the forms module.
  2. Take one of the existing activities that utilize the Validation form and confirm that the issue is resolved.
  3. Remove the mapping from the Folder Type, release the folder and create a new job to confirm that the issue is resolved on new activities.


The following Enhancement Request was submitted for KTA to check for associations between Document/Folder Forms and Document/Folder types before deletion.

Enhancement Request 1769905 - KTA - Request to check if a Document/Folder Form is associated with a Document/Folder type before deletion


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KTA 7.10      


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Article # 3039136
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