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System Information deskop app to gather in-depth environmental information


The System Information desktop app was created by Technical Support to gather in-depth environmental information including configs/logs, components/services installed in a Kofax TotalAgility host machine once to assist in troubleshooting cases. 


  • All supported versions of Windows (server and client).
  • This desktop app supports being executed remotely with Administrator and WMI permissions
  • Supports all deployment types of KTA (OP, OPMT and RTTS)

Install Guide

  1. Download the System Information deskop app from here
  2. Run with Administrator permissions
  3. Select Run the Admin when launching the System Information deskop app.

User Guide

  1. Enter Kofax install folder location eg C:\Program Files\Kofax
  2. Enter a hostname of a KTA installation in the same KTA deployment. This app requires administrator and WMI access to the host.
  3. Select which information you want to gather. Note: Typically allow 15 minutes 
  4. Press Run and wait until all tasks complete. 
  5. Once completed, click download and attach the zip to your Kofax Support case. 

Note: If it is unable to connect to a host, you may be able to run this desktop app locally on the machine. 


clipboard_e628955e4c9c103992c58c9c4d147d77e.png clipboard_e1474a605fd3d36fb72d09d7167991b19.png clipboard_e7b017084ef3674e6bd00cb837b21858c.png


Data Collection

  • Install Programs (updated to check using the registry)
  • Kofax registry keys
  • .NETFramework registry versions
  • Kofax config and log files
  • .NET machine and IIS configs
  • IIS logs (if exists in default location)
  • All KTA Installation error logs
  • All CEBPMDatabaseErrorLogs
  • All Transformation Installation logs
  • Application event log -unfiltered
  • System event log -unfiltered
  • Security event log -unfiltered
  • Detailed Operating System info
  • Detailed Service Info
  • System Info including Windows updates
  • All Kofax file versions List (This can take 5 to 10 minutes to iterate through all dlls)
  • .NET GAC file version List

Some customers may restrict information such as server names.  If this is the case, it is possible to redact the information in the generated zip folder before attaching to your Kofax support case.