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The scanning service needs to be updated to a newer version popup when attempting to File Import

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When attempting to File Import the following error message is presented:

The scanning service needs to be updated to a newer version

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As the information messages states, the Web Capture service is a lower version than the installed version of KTA.  This error only presents itself if the environment is running the Web Capture component as an actual background Windows service.



The solution is to upgrade the Windows service to match the version of KTA installed.

1.  Open an elevated command prompt.

2.  Change directory to the following path from the latest install media within the command prompt window.


3.  Run the following command: msiexec /I Kofax.WebCapture.Installer.msi INSTALLASSERVICE=1

Note - after the msiexec command the letter is a capital letter "i".

4.  Restart Core Worker service and IIS.


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Article # 3041301