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TotalAgility Business Rule Logging Does Not Persist After Parent Job Completes

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Business Rule Logging can be enabled for Kofax TotalAgility (KTA) jobs so that separate job history logging can be recorded for business rules used within a parent job. This affords more troubleshooting capabilities because, normally, job history is not recorded for the individual activity steps within a business rule when a job runs.

Once the parent job completes, though, the job history logging for the business rule is deleted and cannot be retrieved. 


This is normal and expected behavior. Business Rule logging was designed as a tool for troubleshooting activity issues within a Business Rule while the job is active. For instance, when a job is suspended due to an error. Once the parent job completes it's not expected for further troubleshooting related to the Business Rule to continue. An Enhancement Request to have Business Rule logging persist beyond when a job completes was submitted as follows, however, this Request has been rejected at this time.

Enhancement Request 1288714: ER - KTA 7.5-Enable BR Logging To Persist After Main Job Completes

For Business Rule logging to remain available, the parent job will need to remain active.

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