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Transformation Designer does not open an extraction group

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Transformation Designer does not open an extraction group.  The following error message is displayed:

An error occurred while attempting to load the extraction training document set.
This may be caused by missing files, incorrect filenames or an unavailable network drive.

Do you want to create a replacement for the following missing document set?
<random letters>\ExtractionTraining



Try the following:

  1. Open the Extraction Group in Transformation Designer - the 1st error will appear - leave this error open, do not click OK or Cancel
  2. Navigate to the user's temp directory e.g. C:\Users\UserA\AppData\Local\Temp\<number listed in the error>\
  3. Open the most recently modified folder - it should be a random name e.g. ij4zoevv.eg3
  4. Take a copy and backup of the ExtractionTraining folder
  5. Open the current ExtractionTraining folder (the one you opened at step 3) and delete the DocStorage.ds file
  6. Back in Transformation Designer now press OK on the 1st error
  7. The project should now load and all the training documents should be present in the Extraction Training Set
  8. Release your project and close it. Then re-open the project again and the errors should no longer appear and the documents will be present in the Extraction Training set.


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KTA 7.x      


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Article # 3041269
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