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Transformation Training Set Not Available

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What happens when opening a Transformation project with a training set that is not accessible?


When opening a Transformation project (Extraction Group, Classification Group, or Shared project), the default behavior is that training sets are folders within the project, and are stored in the KTA database.  However it is possible to store training sets externally, in which case the availability of the training sets may depend on local or network paths that are available from one environment, but not from another.

If the path to the training set is not available, opening the project in Transformation Designer will show this warning:

Clicking OK will try to create a new empty training set using the original path.  It will create the path if it can, however if it cannot access that path, then the project will fail to open with an error:

Thus it will more often make sense to click Cancel, which means the project will open, but the training set will show as if it is blank/read-only:

Saving the project in this state does not change the configuration of the training set:  It will still have the same path.  If the project is closed and opened again, it will show the same warning if the path is still not accessible, or open the project and training set as normal as normal if the path is accessible.  So it is safe to work on the project like this, for example, if the training path was temporarily unavailable.

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