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Unable to convert or import Microsoft Visio drawings


Question / Problem: 

When attempting to convert or import a supported MS Visio drawing the following errors are encountered:

  1. Unable to Process drawing page SDL further due to the following errors: 

    Unable to determine a start node. Create a shape which does not have any originating shape.The drawing is either without any shapes or properly connected shapes which can be converted to nodes. The drawing is inconsistent for converting to TotalAgility XML.

  2. Unable to Import Xml file(s)


Answer / Solution: 

  1. For the convert issue, ensure the endpoint is configured properly per documentation:
  2. For the import issue, in one case it was observed that the incorrect version of the MS Visio was not the same as the installed version of KTA.  E.g. Visio add on v7.7 and installed version of KTA was v7.5.


Applies to:  

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