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Unable to open SQL connection error shown in Message Connector or launching Scan Form

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When attempting to process a message through the Message Connector, the following error is shown in the Transfer to Kofax App status:

Unable to open SQL connection.

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Or when launching a Scan form, the following error is shown:

Unable to open SQL connection.  If you need technical assistance, reference action: ScanControlLoadBatchAction.




This is caused when the database connector to the Documents DB (Data Layer) is not configured correctly.



Launch the Configuration Utility and validate that the Data Layer database connection is configured correctly (correct server connection and credentials).  The Configuration Utility comes bundled with all main base KTA installations and sometimes Fix Packs in a Utilities folder.  E.g. ..\install media or fix pack\TotalAgility\Utilities\ConfigurationUtility

Here is a link to the KTA 7.10 Configuration Utility guide for more details on usage.

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Article # 3039722
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