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ValidationControlLoadBatchAction issue - Locked folder

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In Validation when a user clicks on the document, the following error is displayed:
"Folder can't be locked since its hierarchy contains locked by 'Name user' folder(s).
If you need technical assistance, reference action: ValidationControlLoadBatchAction."


It could be that a session was not closed as expected and left the folder in locked state.
e.g. closing the browser without cancelling a capture activity (Document Review, Validation etc)


Here we have 2 options how to unlock that.

  • Find the job that is using the folder in the Workspace using the Jobs/Find menu
  • Search for the Job ID and select the job to open the details.
  • In the tree list on the left side select the last option called "Unlock."
  • It should show the locked folder and who has it locked.
  • Select the locked folder and Unlock it by clicking the option unlock.

Another option is:

If the folder cannot be unlocked using above way, you can use the ForceUnlockItem API call from KTA SDK

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KTA 7.8      



Article # 3039558
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