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KTA Reporting - WSA Message Content


Question / Problem: 

Is there a way to show raw reporting message content for troubleshooting?

Answer / Solution: 

KTA Package:

To get the content of WSA messages for use in troubleshooting, import the above attached package, login to the KTA Workspace, then go to WsaMessageBrowser.form.  Choose any query options, then click the Refresh button to see any applicable WSA messages.

To provide the content of the messages, click Download Current Results, and send the resulting zip file.


Notes on query options:

  • By default, the newest messages are shown.  Check Sort by Oldest First to get the oldest messages.
  • The “Message Contains” searches the content of messages after they have already been queried from the database and decrypted.  Thus it may be necessary to use a high Row Limit for the query.
  • To find a specific message, put the GUID in the Message ID field.
  • When Orphan Options is set to Ignore, a simpler query can be used and may be faster than other options. 
  • When Orphan Options is set to IsOlderOrphan, orphans from the past day are ignored as these might be valid actions in progress.

This utility requires .NET Framework 4.8.  While this is already a requirement for KTA 7.8, earlier versions of KTA only require .NET 4.7, so these systems may or may not already be running .NET 4.8.

Applies to:  

Product Version
KTA 7.5+



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