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Web service no longer exists error when launching a newly imported form

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After importing a form that utilize web service actions, the following error is encountered when launching the form:

Web service no longer exists.




This would be caused if the web service and form were created in the previous environment (source) has a different ID in the database on the target environment.



  • Created a web service in source environment with ID 0123.  This is called in a form action. The form action is now linked to the Web Service (WS) 0123.
  • Export this Form and import into target environment.
    • In this target environment, the WS was previously created with the same name.  In this example, let's say this WS ID is 6789.
    • Therefore WS 0123 would not be imported as a WS with the same name already exists.
    • The form still imports though and is still associated with WS 0123.
    • At runtime when when trying to execute the WS action on the form it looks for WS 0123.  Since this doesn't exist in the target environment, the error thrown is expected.



Two options:

1.  Reconfigure and re-release the affected form(s) which is essentially updating the form to use WS 6789 in the example above.

2.  If there are a large amount of Forms and Web service actions to correct, go ahead and open a support case to request for a SQL script to manually update the associations.


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