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Why does the Job Upgrader not upgrade my embedded process?


Question / Problem: 

Why does the Job Upgrader not upgrade my embedded process?

Answer / Solution: 

A subjob is not considered as a separate job but is part of the parent job.

In the KTA Help is the following note:

Note Upgrading a job adds new items such as variables, floating roles, work type fields and milestones to the selected jobs. The upgrade does not overwrite or delete any existing job data.

Upgrading a job does not upgrade pending activities in the job. For upgrading the pending activities, restart the pending activity nodes in the upgraded job. For pending embedded processes, use "Restart Next" on the activity node before the embedded process activity node.

When the Job Upgrader is run, the whole job is upgraded, but the current pending activity node is not updated until a restart is done on that node.  During runtime, when a node is reached, the node is evaluated and then executed.  When the job upgrader is run, the process is upgraded, but the active (pending) node still uses the old node configuration since the node has already been evaluated.  When the process on the same activity node that was pending is restarted, KTA re-evaluates the node again and picks up the node configuration from the new process map.  It is the same for embedded processes.  During runtime when the embedded process activity node is reached, the node is evaluated.  At this moment the embedded process map is loaded.  If you want to use the new version of the embedded process map after upgrading the main process, you have to use "restart next" on the node before the embedded process node.  Then when the embedded process node is reached, it is re-evaluated and the new embedded process map is used.

For example, let's say the embedded process map had just been released and there is a runtime job which is now pending on a node in the embedded process.  The following steps must be done to use the newer version of the embedded process:

1. Go to the Job upgraded in Workplace.

2. Select the parent process and upgrade all jobs.

3. In Workplace, view your active job.

4. Use "Restart next" on the activity node before your embedded process activity node.

Applies to:  

Product Version
KTA 7.x