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Unable to Delete Debug Jobs

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After debugging a Business Rule (BR), the debug jobs are not able to be deleted.

Debugging the BR was done as described in this KB article:

Business Rule Logging - Kofax

Once debugging was complete, attempts to delete the jobs displayed "Insufficient Access Rights" as described in the following KB article:

User has insufficient access rights to Terminate a business rule - Kofax

The solution described did not work.  When attempting to delete a log, the following error was displayed:

Number of mapped variables do not match the number of method parameters

If you need technical assistance, reference action: DeleteBusinessRuleLogging


Somehow, the DeleteBusinessRuleLogging action was out of sync with the form.


In KTA Designer, open the ManageBusinessRuleLogging.form.

In the Actions tab, select the DeleteBusinessRuleLogging API.

Select Configure and make note of all of the settings.

Delete all entries and re-add them and save.

Release the form.

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KTA 7.x      



Article # 3046442
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