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CHARACTELL / JustICR Engine Deprecated In EFlow V6

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CHARACTELL / JustICR Engine is Deprecated In EFlow V6:


As part of our continued effort to offer better customer service, we would like to inform you upfront of changes with the TIS eFlow product line.

In particular, the eFlow Engine AddOn – JustICR, referred to as EF-PER-1000-2002 in the TIS General Price List (GPL), is being phased out with the following dates:

Limited Support Start Date: Mar 1, 2022

End of Support Date: July 1, 2022



Kofax is offering two options if you wish to replace your CHARACTELL / JustICR engine licenses (in case you use them):

1 - A free replacement for the CHARACTELL / JustICR engine licenses, but using the OmniPage engine licenses instead, referred to as:

a) eFlow Engine AddOn – OmniPage OCR (GPL: EF-PER-1000-2006)
b) eFlow Engine AddOn – OmniPage Barcode (GPL: EF-PER-1000-2007)

2 – If you do not wish to replace your JustICR engine licenses with the free OmniPage engines offered (as described above in option 1), you may opt to select any other zonal ICR engine(s) available on the GPL (for the TIS product line). You would need to purchase those respective licenses for those other zonal ICR engines.

Suppose you currently have JustICR engines in your eFlow Virtual OCR Engines setup (as part of your Recognition workflow in eFlow). In that case, Kofax has a dedicated team of Professional Services consultants who would be able to offer a quote if you need technical help.

If you wish to pursue either option 1 or 2 before your eFlow product renewal is due, please raise a support ticket using the Kofax Technical Support portal so that we can channel your request accordingly.

If that is not the case, you will be presented with option 1 in your maintenance offer when renewal time is due (without the Professional Services quote).

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Article # 3052544
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