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4.5 SP4 and above License Activation Issue - "Watermark" on device HostID is absent

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Question / Problem: 

A customer is having trouble to install a renewed license on his system 4.5 SP4.

He was able to install the license and got the good message that the license was installed and if he would like to set it as active, but it was not installed, leaving him with the old license.

I told the customer to check for 32bit in case he is on a 64bit system and if it was fine to uninstall the old license first before installing the renewed one. Doing this it still doesn't succeed to set it as active but gets a warning:


Obviously this prevents setting the license as active, never seen this before so I wonder if there is any experience / solution around?

As it is a shared Production system he didn't restart for now, which I hope may recreate some "watermark hostID information"?

Answer / Solution: 

Problem Solved.

It showed out that the location the AppData was stored ran out of space but after the customer added space and / or removed items from the drive it worked again.

Obviously the versioned _HostID.TiSObject files haven't been created in the background so even if the enterprise manager claimed that the license itself was OK it couldn't be stored / activated.



Applies to:  

Product Version
eFlow 4.5



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