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Access to the FinalDRD from the station events

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Question / Problem: 

is it possible to access to the finalDRD object by code OnPrePutCollection?

I need to copy the content and ROIs of the fields recognized by applying the same integra form to an undetermined number of pages to a table in order to display it nicely in completion.

If it is possible, any sample code on how to access this object would be appreciated

Answer / Solution: 

The solution to this: the highlighted part is the core function that builds the DRD class object out from the DRD attachment to the collection.

This function is taken by Nir’s magic TiS.Engineering.Generics, 

public static List GetDrdPageRecognition(string drdPath, bool changedPagesOnly)




Applies to:  

Product Version
eFlow 5.x



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