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Capture delete event in the Controller

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Question / Problem: 

Anybody knows if (and how) it’s possible to capture the delete event in the controller to modify its behavior?

Answer / Solution: 

You can code:
Do a class controller
public class ControllerEvents : TiS.Core.eFlowAPI.Events.EventsAdapterController
 public override void OnPreManageCollections(ITisClientServicesModule oCSM, ITisManageCollectionAction oAction, ref bool bCanDoAction, ref bool bDetailsNeeded)

I             if (oAction.ManageCollectionAction == TIS_MANAGE_COLLECTION_ACTION.DELETE)
                       MessageBox.Show("Action denied, delete batches is not allowed.", "Warning", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Exclamation);
                        bCanDoAction = false;
To get more details use the event:
public override void OnManageCollectionsDetails(ITisClientServicesModule oCSM, ITisManageCollectionAction oAction, ITisManageCollectionActionInfo oCollectionActionInfo, ref bool bCanDoAction)


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