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Collection on HOLD in MailProcessing Station

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ePortal and MailProcessing Station combined, from time to time a collection is set to HOLD instead of being processed. Eventlog claims the required *.eml file is missing in the corresponding archive folder.



It happens that an email arrives shortly before midnight (e.g. 23:59 on July 5) and processing takes until the next day (e.g. 00:01 on July 6). Archiving is done in day-based subdirectories, i.e. the *.eml gets stored in \07\06 (date archived) while it is searched in \07\05 in the example (date received).



  1. Search and find the file in the archiving folder where it is incorrectly stored.
  2. Move the file to the correct folder.
  3. Set the collection from HOLD to AVAILABLE. It will be successfully processed.

Orientation is provided by the error message in TISLOG, which tells exactly where the file is needed.

The issue and solution affect only those environments, where this custom combination of ePortal Station and MailProcessing station is in place.


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Article # 3030994
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