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Collections in ePortal build up

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Question / Problem: 

Sometimes the number of Collections in ePortal Station is increasing. The ePortal seems to poll more Mails from the Mailbox then it processes to the next Station in the Workflow. 

Answer / Solution: 

In the ePortal.AppConfig file under Stations Tag, every Station of ePortal can be configured. In some environments there are more then one ePortal Station, which just differ by the naming and configuration in ePortal.AppConfig file. Every Station can have many Mailboxes, Folders, etc. (ActiveAccounts) configured to poll from. Every Station is configured to poll a specific amount of mails or files from the specified ActiveAccounts. This is defined per ePortal Station in the "MaxWorkUnit" Tag in the ePortal.AppConfig file.

In our example we have configured three Mailboxes for ePortal Station with the name "ePortalGER". The "MaxWorkUnit" Tag in the ePortal.AppConfig file is set to "10".


When our ePortal with the name "ePortalGER" is launched up to 30 mails will get imported to eFLOW by the ePortal Station. 

These 30 mails need now to get processed by ePortal Station and moved to the next station in the Workflow.

In Design for our Station "ePortalGER" in the Properties of the Workflow Designer the Parameter "Max Work Units" is set to 20.


The result is, that from the 30 mails only 20 collections will be moved to the next station in the Workflow. 10 Collections will stay in station "ePortalGER" until they can be moved to the next station, if fewer mails will be imported. 

Sometimes it is unpredictable how many mails will be polled at a peak in the system, so the Collection number will rise in ePortal Station. It will fall eventually, if this peak is over.

The solution would be to specify an even amount of expected mails vs. processed collections in Design and ePortal.AppConfig file. 

Applies to:  

Product Version
ePortal 2.x
ePortal 1.x


Article # 3038584
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