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Converting TIFF to searchable PDF

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Question / Problem: 

A customer wants to convert TIFF files to searchable PDF files and asks if there is something available in eFlow for this.

The customer was told that is not standard within eFlow, and that they need to use some third party stuff for this. But I am not totally sure about that.

E.G. I remember there is this Zugferd stuff, that has somehow to deal with these PDF-A files.


Answer / Solution: 

I have written a dll that uses iTestSharp to create 100% ISO compatible searchable PDFs from eFLOW collection(s)

(please check the: TiS.Engineering.ITextPdf2 information attached).

You can use just the ‘TiS.Engineering.ITextPdf2’ or the entire export package.

If you are interested have your manager\account manager get in touch with Yannis Tzonos.

Special Thanks to Nir Fishman for this solution.

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Applies to:  

Product Version
eFlow 5.x



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