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Creating a CAB file under eFLOW 5 or eFLOW 6

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Question / Problem: 

Often Technical Support (TS) requests a CAB file to analyze a problem within your eFLOW Application. See below how you can create the requested CAB file. 

Answer / Solution: 

Your eFLOW Application is managed through eFLOW Administrate. It is possible to retrieve Applications from any eFLOW Installation into a CAB file from eFLOW Administrate. The CAB file can be shared between other eFLOW Installation which have the same eFLOW Version as the eFLOW Installation the CAB file was created from.

To retrieve an Application you need to follow the next steps:

  1. Start eFLOW Administrate: You can do this by starting the LaunchPro and then select Administrate under the DropDown Menu “Tools”.
  2. Select the Application to retrieve: In Administrate select with a left mouse click the Application to retrieve.clipboard_e758ca9fd94128e0c1a537651f3701379.png
  3. Create CAB file of chosen Application: Right click on the chosen Application and select from the context menu Export. In the following Save As dialog from Windows, choose a name and the location where the CAB file with your Application Information should be stored. clipboard_e2938f618af938170c4c4d727c51dfec6.png
  4. Upload the CAB file to the Support Ticket.

Applies to:  

Product Version
eFLOW 5.x
eFLOW 6.x



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