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Deliver2ERP Station #2: No Masterdata transfer and/or Export to SAP not working

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After applying SAP Support Note 2246160 the problem about Masterdata transfer still exists and might also impact on no collections are exported to SAP. The cause is, that the RFC function module was changed in newer SAP Versions. The function module RFC_READ_TABLE expects only one character for the language instead of the former two characters. eFLOW Station Deliver2ERP still sends out two characters. In newer eFLOW Versions there is no possibility to change this in the configuration files as it was possible in eFlow versions 5.2 SP1 and lower. This is implemented into the code of the station. 




Today there is no fix for this issue, there is only a workaround, see below. Our Development Team works hard to have a full solution ready for our customers as soon as possible. 


  • Remove Masterdata Transfer from Deliver2ERP
    • This can be done in the UI of the Deliver2ERP Station. Cache Providers needs to be complete empty.EmptyCache.PNG
    • This can also be done in the ERPExportSetup.xml file by removing SAPCache information there. SapCache.PNG
  • Use CSV Masterdata Transfer
    • Extract can import Masterdata from ERP System integration (RFC) or via CSV files. When choosing CSV files there needs to be a Scheduled Task added and a Job created with the Simple Package Designer Tool, which comes with eFLOW Extract. You find it under: C:\Extract-Data\DTP Designer. There is also a sample job which you can use to create your own job. This Job is then run by the Scheduled Task every Day/Hour or whatever is best for you in your project. In Standard you choose every day.


The Simple Package Designer Tool is a tool which comes with eFLOW Extract but is not a part of the product. Because of that there is not description. You may use it as is and own your own risk. If you need help with setting up the job or scheduled task, our Professional Services Team will be happy to help you. 


Level of Complexity 



Applies to  

Product Version Build Environment Hardware
eFLOW Extract 5.2 SP2 and higher    
eFLOW Extract 5.3 all versions    
eFLOW Extract 6.0 all versions    


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Article # 3047855
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