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DomainSecurity.xml Config Question

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Question / Problem: 

I have noticed just now some inconsistence. I don´t know if it is on my environment only

In DomainSecurity.xml the role name (highlighted below) by default is Administrator (on singular)


In the Designer is it Administrators  (on plural)


Can someone confirm this is wrong?

If I create a Role called Users (like above) to the regular users. Should I put in the DomainSecurity.xml

Users or User in the singular?

        <UserAndRoles Name="user1" IsGroupName="false">


            <Role Name="Users" />



Answer / Solution: 

The issue I have reported in a known “Typo”. The role in Visual Designer is Administrators but in the DomainSecurity.xml we must use Administrator in singular.

For the roles we create, we need to use the same name in both VD and DomainSecurity.xml.

For your information, I was facing the “disturbing” login screen at the customer.

The solution was to replace the section

<AppAndUsers AppName=””>


<AppAndUsers AppName=”Extract”>   (name of your application)

With “” was not working. It should work for all application, but it does not work

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Applies to:  

Product Version
eFlow 5.x



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