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Extract: Scan/Collect Barcode Settings

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Question / Problem: 

In Extract, Barcodes are used to separate Invoices and mark Pages as Attachment. The Collect and Scan Station needs to be set up correctly in order to do so. See in the next chapter how to check your stations settings and how the settings should look. Scan and Collect Station Settings are local and need to be set on every Station a Scan or Collect Station is used. 

Answer / Solution: 

Use the LaunchPro or Launch to start Scan or Collect Station. When started choose the "Configure" Button.


In the configuration tree, click on "Batch Separators" -> "Software Separators". Click on the Barcode Button.


Under Barcode Types, the Barcode Type that will appear on the invoices or attachments should be selected. The value "Auto" is also valid, if you do not know which Barcode Type will appear. This will take processing time for the station, as it will search for all Barcodes. The Separation Action needs to be set to "None".


Applies to:  

Product Version
Extract 5.x
Extract 6.x



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