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Extract - Masterdata not imported from SAP

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Question / Problem: 

After SAP Upgrades only the masterdata from SAP can't be imported. Collections are exported without any problems.

Answer / Solution: 

The root cause of this issue is a SAP Upgrade which restricts the RFC_READ_TABLE. The result is that ERPExport can't connect to the RFC.

To solve this root cause:

  • With SAP Note 2246160, the RFC can be used by 3rd Party modules again.

The problem now is that SAP also changed the RFC receive information for Language. Instead of 2 Characters is only 1 Character expected. This results in a Short Dump on the SAP System. ERPExport is still not able to import the masterdata.

To solve this last issue:

  • Stop all AutoRun Stations
  • Create a backup of ERPExportSetup.xml file in another folder
  • Open ERPExportSetup.xml file
  • Change in this line the "lang" value (please choose the appropriate value for your country, below is just an example) from:

<SAPLogOnInfo sapRouter="" abapDebug="false" client="XXX" user="xxx" password="xxx" systemNumber="0" lang="EN" trace="true" host="XXXX" />


<SAPLogOnInfo sapRouter="" abapDebug="false" client="XXX" user="xxx" password="xxx" systemNumber="0" lang="E" trace="true" host="XXXX" />

  • Save the file
  • Start the AutoRun Stations

Applies to:  

Product Version
Extract 5.1
Extract 4.6


Article # 3039177
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