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Extract Master Data - Create a Scheduled Task for importing Master Data

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Question / Problem: 

Importing Master Data is done via SAP directly or CSV files. The data of both sources is not saved directly to eFLOW RefDB database as the data is not formatted correctly. The formating and removing of data records is done in a TPF (Transformation Package File) script. The script is created at the beginning of the project through the Simple Package Designer. Every Extract Installation includes the Simple Package Designer. Commonly the Simple Package Designer and the TPF file are saved under:

c:\Extract-Data\DTP Designer\TiS.DevGER.Shared.Data.PackageDesigner.exe


To automatically process new Master Data into eFLOW the Task Scheduler is used from Microsoft. This article shows how to create a Task for the automatic processing of Master Data in Task Scheduler.

Answer / Solution: 

To create a Task in Task Scheduler please copy the following code into a text editor. Change the 4 variables (Path and Time values) accordingly and safe the file as Batch file to your disk. Use an elevated Command Prompt to run the script. 

@echo off
set PackageDesignerPath=C:\Extract-Data\DTP Designer
set TPF_Path=C:\Extract-Data\Runtime
set TPF_File=Transform Extract Master Data from eFLOW Control.tpf
set StartTime="02:30"

schtasks /delete /tn "ImportMasterDataForEFLOW" /f 
schtasks /create /tn "ImportMasterDataForEFLOW" /tr "\"%PackageDesignerPath%\TiS.DevGER.Shared.Data.PackageDesigner.exe\" \"%TPF_Path%\%TPF_File%\" /ec" /sc daily /st %StartTime%


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Article # 3038375
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