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HowTo extract the TIS_Log file from Event Viewer

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Question / Problem: 

How to view and/or extract the TIS_Log from Microsoft Event Viewer?

Answer / Solution: 

eFLOW writes all log messages of the local eFLOW installation to the Event Log "TIS_Log". Check also our KB Articles on the TIS_Log Log Levels and how to change the Log size. 

To view and/or extract the TIS_Log from Event Viewer open up the Microsoft Event Viewer. There are multiple ways to do so, one of them is shown in the following. 

Right click on your Windows Icon and choose from the menu "Event Viewer"


In Event Viewer go to the left hand side panel and choose "Applications and Services Log" there click on "TIS_Log".



In the middle pane are shown all log messages from eFLOW. With every message line there is the Log Level, Date & Time and other useful information. Below the lines are shown for every selected log message a detailed description.

On the right hand side are different actions available from Microsoft Event Viewer, like Clear, Filter or Save all.

To Save the log messages to file, you need to select the Action "Save All Events As..." in the Actions pane. A Save As dialog from Microsoft is shown. There you can enter a file name and the location for the to be created Event Log file. 


After specifying the file information, click Save. Another dialog asking for Display Information is opened. Please use the settings below and click OK.


Now you can take the created Event Log file and send it to Technical Support.

Applies to:  

Product Version
eFLOW 5.0
eFLOW 6.0



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