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HowTo install a license when there is an already existing license

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Question / Problem: 

How to install a license when there is an already existing license?

Answer / Solution: 

1.       Deactivate old License:

Right click on the server name. If the server has an internet connection you can choose „Deactivate Online“, if not choose „Create deactivation request file“. If you are not sure, if the server has an internet connection, just test it by choosing "Deactivate Online". The worst that could happen is that an error message appears, telling you that this was not possible. In that case choose „Create deactivation request file“.


When choosing „Create deactivation request file“ a file is created that should be send to No other action is needed.

2.       Uninstall old License:

In the next step the Button "Uninstall" is now activated in the menu. Please click the "Uninstall" Button and the license will be uninstalled immediately.


3.       Install new license:

The Button "Install" is now activated in the menu. Please click the "Install" Button and choose the new license file from your file system.

4.       Activate the new License:

A new license is only valid for 7 days when it has not been activated. You should activate your license as soon as possible. To do so, click right on the Server and choose "Activate Online" or "Create activation request file“. This depends on, if your server has an internet connection or not. By choosing "Activate Online", the activation process is automatically done for you by the system and you get back a message that the license has been successfully activated.


If there is no internet connection and you choose "Create activation request file“, a file is created for you on the file system. Please save the file at a place convenient for you to reach at a later moment. When the file is created, send the Activation Request file via mail to "". After a very short time you will receive back an Activation file for your license. Please save this Activation file in an convenient place for you. Back in the License Dialog, please choose now "Activate by file“. In the file system dialog please choose the Activation file you received from the system.The license is now successfully activated.


Applies to:  

Product Version
eFLOW 5.x, 6.x



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